Reduce, reuse, recycle

We've all kept our Altoids cans for years, right?  It's OK, you can admit it to yourself.  You have at least one sitting around just waiting for a really good use, right?

While not many admit it, as I creep around your blogs, in the pictures I see them on your fly tying desks.  Hiding, in the thicket.  Either being used and not given credit as such, or waiting for a use.

Well, I am not immune to the fact that they certainly don't represent the latest greatest technology or proudly display a brand name, and therefore don't carry a should we say?...... Panache. I get it.  I'd be a liar if I didn't admit to owning certain things that bear the signature banners of some very well known retailers...but I'd also be a liar if I didn't admit that when it comes to a functional fly box, I like simple.  And I don't like to pay through the nose for them.

I do, also recognize that when out on the stream, when you land that catch o the day and the other guys on the stream are gawking to see what you used, that you don't want to look like you and Sanford picked from the same garbage can.  (I'm cheap, but I do still have some pride...)

To solve that problem, I have a fly fishing specific solution, and thanks to a GREAT article at the Art of Manliness, even more ways to put that tin back into service.

First, my answer:  Paint the box.

Eat the Altoids.  Enjoy that curiously strong flavor.  Then wipe out the inside of the box, grab a screw driver and carefully bend the tabs to remove the cover.  Spend 15 seconds sanding the outside to make the surface rough, then spray paint with matte black for that stealth military look.

There is an instant freaking coolness factor when you go stealth with anything.  I guess you could paint the tin another color...if you REALLY needed to...

Glue in some foam, and fill with either a day's worth of flies or a specific flavor of bug.

Full military spec

Go ahead, admit it.  It's a good idea.
You're welcome.  (..and if you have extra tins you don't want; I'll take em)

Oh, and don't forget to check out their website every once in a while, its worth the time!

Til later,


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