Sky rockets in flight.....

For all of you guys who are also following the MacLoosh Chronicles on Facebook, you may have noticed a recent outburst from me regarding the delivery of my new Danvise tonight.

Wait...some of you still don't "Like" MacLoosh Chronicles on Facebook???  Really?  What the hell?!  It's so 2009 to not like something on Facebook.

 Well, let me help get you caught up:  Click that little Facebook symbol to the right my friend, then sit back and let the magic happen...

Where was I?  Oh, yeah...I might need to issue my local UPS driver an apology.  They work hard.  They really do, and then to have some guy who has only been waiting for a full 7 days to receive a package he wanted IMMEDIATELY unload on him via the internet, just wasn't fair.

Sorry dude.  Nothing personal.

Anyhoo...the vise is here, all set up in its new home and I even tied a few flies tonight.  Hell, I might even give in to my resistance to the standard issue blog "Product Review" too and write one about this amazing little piece of engineering.   (Because I'm such an expert...)

The vise, as far as I can tell, works flawlessly.  But, before I get all silly with my bad self and write an un-requested product review...I do need to use it some more to really test out all those functions. .

You see, I had this picture in my mind of whipping out flies like a Cambodian sweat shop because the vise was all that and a ham sandwich too...while humming 70's soft rock tunes... But the truth is-- with my tools in new places, and a vise that has features I've never actually used before, it wasn't quite the "Afternoon Delight" that I had hoped.

I'm not worried though, things can only get better and with another (planned) quiet weekend ahead, I have every intention of spending some serious time in the Lab.

Til later,


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