A much needed bright spot

It is the middle of February and it appears that I am not alone in my contraction of the dreaded, and seemingly incurable case of cabin fever.  My family is suffering too.  Each. And. Every. One. Of. Us.

The four walls that make up the perimeter of our house are closing in at a rate like I have never seen and despite the fact that each passing day means we get a bit closer to spring, it also means the depths of this winter sink its claws just a little bit deeper.

So today, in an act of shear unadulterated desperation, I rounded everyone up for a hike.  At 15 degrees, I wasn't terribly popular with some in the house...but fresh air is what we all needed, and we had bright sunlight to boot (something else we all needed); so I kind of forced the issue.

Fortunately, Mrs. MacLoosh agreed to go, and in true parental fashion...the children and the dog were not given a choice in the matter.  The hike was, in a word...AWESOME.  I think even those in the tribe who weren't exactly excited about the temperature would agree.  The smiles give them away.

And just because I can't go a full post without mentioning fishing of some sort...the early C & R season opens in less than two weeks.  ............Bow chikka bow bow!

Til later,


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