The fishing trade show that saved my life

Well, OK.  Maybe "saving my life" is a little melodramatic...   Or is it?  Either way, Badger Fly Fishers put on a hell of a show.  Not only did they draw in some excellent vendors, they have timed their show so well that for the last few years, it has taken place at that time where I have lost my usual good sense of humor about the length of the off season.

We are under a month from the opener of the early C&R season, and frankly...if the season doesn't get here soon...Ima go f*#kin' crazy.

The show was stacked with all the local players.  Notably, I hammed up in a rare picture of myself with the Honorable and seriously talented Jonathan Marquart of Badaxedesign (If you follow me at know I dig his art).  Other notables were Andy from Gray Goat Flyfishing (who, by the way...turned me on to a slick new way to bring texture and natural looking ribbing to my flies), On the Creek Flyshop, Driftless Angler, Tight Lines Flyshop, Brightwater Fly Angler, and many others.

Badger fly fishers also had the motts to bring in Ed Engle for a morning discussion on "Catching Difficult Trout" and an afternoon session on "Off Beat Tactics for Catching Trout".  If you haven't had the chance to hear Ed speak, he clearly knows his game.

They also managed to up the ante for the kids with a free entry to a raffle, and enough prizes to make sure nearly all took home a little something...helping ensure that they had a good time.  (A truly devious and absolutely genius way to pique kids interest in our fine sport).

G-Love managed to score a nice set of flies.  Happy as a clam, he then managed to convince me to be the silent partner in a new investment.

I couldn't help myself, the boy just brought in an AMAZING report card, and earned a small financial backing on a Swiss Army Knife.

As for me, I went with intentions of spending serious money...but managed to retain a little self control and only picked up a couple of needed supplies for the tying bench.  And a couple of stickers...of course.

To top off a great day at the flyfishing show, G and I took the dog up to Rowan Creek for a much needed hike.  The hike was a great way to cap a good day...but was also necessary for our mental health.  The air in the house has gotten a bit stale as we all have turned into raging lunatics.

I know the pictures won't do the walk any justice, but here are a couple anyway:

And finally, after a couple days worth of hurt pride....I spend the evening re-working that Parachute fly that I failed so miserably at before.  The picture is terrible quality, but I was so tired my eyes were crossing, so I was glad I had one that was in focus....

Yes, I did the same R & D on this...and no, it did not sink.

Thank gawd....

Til later,


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