Umm, Houston? We have a problem....

Ever work up a batch of flies, look at them after they are all finished and sit back and say to yourself "Oh, hell yeah.  Bring it on fish!".

I recently mustered up the guts to try to tie up some size 16 "parachute" hare's ears.  Been avoiding that pattern for no real good reason for way too long.  Once I tied a few, I got cocky and decided to throw my own twist into it, and added hi-viz coloring for the indicator.  They came off pretty good.  I proceeded to take pictures, brag about them to friends, post pictures intermittently on the social media outlets, and then today...out of nothing less than sheer boredom...drop one into a glass of water.

.......And watched it sink to the bottom so quickly it made me suspicious.  Just to be sure, I dropped another one.  Same thing.  And because the first two didn't really send the message home...a third.

They practically "klink" on the bottom of the glass because they are losing buoyancy so fast.

Denial sets in quickly.  This is a fluke.  I must have used softened water.  Not the stuff in your typical spring creek.  Then I realize that the Dead Sea is so salty that almost anything will float in it.  More denial as I search for more excuses.

At some point in my despair, I decided that I should also drop an old store bought parachute into the glass, all the while thinking to myself:  Let's see how the "pro's" fly stands up (with a maniacal laugh under my breath and no small amount of sarcasm intended).

So I dig one out, drop it in the glass and wait to be vindicated.

They kind of look like shrimp...or maybe small crayfish....hmmm.....
Apparently, vindication is disciplined enough to only show up when appropriate.

The irony of how well this little episode fits into my fishing career does not escape me, so it's back to the lab again, yo.

Til later,


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