I knew better

I couldn't help myself.  I HAD to get out.  The weather was crappy: 35 degrees, and steady rain (for the last 24-36hrs) on top of a solid base of snow.  I knew it would suck out there, and I also knew that Mrs. MacLoosh was lukewarm at best about me going out.  (She is going every bit as crazy as I am from cabin fever).

So why did I bother going?  Because I needed to go.  And, I had this mistaken romantic idea that I would somehow be more hardcore, more dedicated, and maybe even LOOK cooler to all those folks driving by in their cars.  In short, I pictured myself in one of those badass pacific northwest photos of a guy standing in a perfect stream in a stunning landscape, casting effortlessly and presumably landing big fish as the snow falls all around me.

This is not me and this is not my photograph.  But this IS the way I pictured myself
 I didn't stay out very long.  While I did stay dry, I was chilled through my bones.  Some days are like that I guess.  And the obvious question that begs an answer since this is supposed to be a fishing blog?  No, I did not catch any fish.  Again.

My first stop was the homewater.  It was effectively blown out.  I could have skipped going to the stream by simply paying attention to the warning signs along the way.

Bad Omen

Field run-off with more CFM that some streams....
Since this is a stream that traverses quite a bit of agricultural land, I expected turbidity.  I even expected high water (thanks to the sign), but once I got there it was clear to me that the vision I had in my head would not be representative of my day.

Blown. Out.
The good news was, that my other "close to home" haunt is a different sort of stream.  It doesn't suffer the same way in high water situations.  It doesn't blow out quite as easily so headed up to Poynette.

Higher than usual, and off color, but still  fish-able
So, to try and salvage that image in my mind, I suffered through the rain, dropping temperature, and wind that was picking up for another hour.  I have had luck before in water like this before with streamers and San Juan Worms worked in the margins, but again, today it just wasn't meant to be.  My heart wasn't in it.  I was still dry, but like I said...I was cold..and once a person lets that type of chill set in, it the only thing that cures it is to get the hell out of the rain.  The final straw was a wind knot of epic proportions.  Under the circumstances, it was the final morale killer.  I packed it in and went home.

Once home, I decided I still wasn't done thinking about fishing, so I set to the task of photographing some midges that I tied up last night.  My friend Tim had come over and we managed to knock out a bunch of flies to help fill our respective flyboxes, worked our way through a 12 pack of Spotted Cow, and generally talked smack about all of our fishing experiences.  Good times.

Here are a couple of my best efforts:

The nice thing about tying midges is that they go fast.  You can tie up an army of them in very little time, so I think I am set on them for a bit.  I was going to name them, but a glance through a book that Tim had left with me about tying and fishing midges showed me that there are so many versions of every type and color of midge or emerger that I just don't have the creative energy to name them.  So they will go down in my books as more from the "Betta effing work" series of midges/emergers.

Maybe some day folks from all over the world will tie them and call them simply BEW midges....  Right.  This has the same promise as that mental image of me on the stream that I started with:  A nice thought...but not likely to happen in real life.

Til later,


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