Opening weekend recap

Like so many other things in my life...Opening weekend served up a giant slice of humble pie for me.  I got skunked.  Both days.


One would think that over the years I would have (a) gotten good at handling the humility and (b) learned not do things like brag publicly about how Sun Tzu was providing the perfect primer for me go out and fish like a pro.  Apparently, a local named "Sofa" who was a regular fixture a bar that I worked at in college was right when he waxed poetic about how  "You can't teach stupid".  He went on to rationalize that you can teach people knowledge, but their natural, unteachable tendency to be stupid will eventually take over.  After all these years, I suddenly realize that my Crown Royal fueled friend may have actually been talking about me.


All was not lost though.  I did come back from the stream with a couple of bits of knowledge that I hadn't left with.  First of all, after having not really fished since mid September, I shouldn't have been surprised when I flubbed the first couple of casts on a fine bend pool and spooked the local trout population into submission within 10 minutes of arriving.  OK.  Duly noted.  Next year maybe a few practice casts in the driveway before I head out.  (My casts did eventually improve, but I had already fouled the best hole of the day)

The next lesson was a bit less obvious, and took a little longer to realize, but was no less important.  Once learned, this one stayed with me for the rest of day. Those neoprene waders that I rely so heavily on during the year I'll go ahead and double check that patch on the left leg, just above the boot BEFORE I head out.

The third lesson was that snowmobilers are apparently not used to seeing people standing in a stream casting to fish on a 25 degree day as they blissfully race through the woods with their throttle wide open.  I'm pretty sure I was the cause of at least 5 near miss crashes.

Lesson # 4 was that the Griffiths Gnat isn't the ONLY midge imitation that a person should carry.  Methinks it might have been useful to have some midge emergers on hand when I stumbled on about 5 fish feeding happily on the surface, but flat refusing the GN. was back to the lab again yo....

I call it the Size 20 betta effing work midge emerger
And the last lesson learned was about Karma.  In a nice change from the norm, Karma was good to me, and came quickly.  On Sunday, I had stopped fishing a run near the parking area of my "home water" to help a guy who's car was stuck in the snow.  I was glad to do it because god knows I have needed help before and people have stopped to help me.  Well, after having gotten him out of the parking area, he invited me to fish with him in a couple of holes that he knows in an area rarely visited by others.  In a leap of faith, I traipsed off through the woods with this gentleman.  I'd be a liar if I didn't admit that at one point I sized him up...just in case he turned on me and was an axe murderer...I wanted to have an idea of what my odds were.

Turns out, he is a hell of a nice guy who knows his way around the stream pretty darn well.  It also appears that he is dead right when he says he knows where some fantastic water is.  Unfortunately, due to the day before's mishap with the the hole in my waders, I wasn't wearing any and had planned on shore fishing only.  Not being able to get into the water meant that I was limited in the parts I could fish.  At the end of the day, we exchanged contact information with invites to fish together again some time.  I hope it works out that we can.  Oh, and hey Jim...Thanks....see you around.

With regards to that fishy water he showed me....I will be back.  Often.  And I don't usually keep fishing spots secret, but this one...I think I will keep between my new friend and I.  Sorry.

And finally, getting to spend so much time out on a stream did wonders for my psyche.  This winter has taken its toll on me, and getting out to fish...even though I got skunked...was probably the best thing that has happened in a long time.

Til later,


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