St. Patty's Day groove

After several attempts to write something profound, or at least funny...I just don't have it in me tonight.  My creative energy is low.

No biggie, right?  It happens to everyone right?  Just take this little pill 30 minutes before you engage in.....  Um.  Wait.  Nevermind.  

Anyhoo....Today I fished the new "secret" hole that I was shown a couple of weeks ago.  Funny how fishing a new place on an "old" water feels like you are in a totally unfamiliar stream.  The high fast water last week appears to have flushed some of the silt out, so the water was in great shape.  Kind of fun.  And...

Slump. Broken.

It was REALLY good to somehow just "know" that raising your rod tip would be rewarded with weight at the other end.  That instant where you say "NICE" under your breath, then set to the business of making sure the fish doesn't toss the hook.  Good stuff.

I promise not to post a picture of every fish that I catch this season, (several were brought to hand today) but these two are important.  They are the first brown and first brookie of 2013.  I also had a follow by a nice little rainbow, but no take.  Bummer eh?  That would have been the cat's meow.

Of note: This is the first brook trout I have caught in this stream.  Hopefully a good sign of improving water quality.

The magic bug: #14 bead head hares ear
Magic bug: #16 bead head Pheasant tail
Til next time when I'm feelin' some creativity.....


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