Sibling Rivalry

I grew up as basically an only child.  My brother's and sister are so much older than me that I never had a chance to fight with them as a child.  At this stage in life, they seem to be quite comfortable with and have accepted the fact that I am better looking, and clearly more talented than them at nearly everything...

As my kids grow, I regularly stand back in awe at their ability to fight in ways that I have never even imagined.  They are also fiercely competitive.  Some days this is just downright annoying.  On other days, it can be a little more on the amusing side.

Today after work, I didn't really have it in me to stay home.  My kids usually bolt for their respective friends houses, but today I convinced them to go fishing with me.  It didn't hurt that I had already committed to buying my daughter a new fishing rod earlier in the season, and I chose today to pay up.  A quick trip to the local sporting goods store, and we were off and running to a local pond for some evening panfishing-new fishing pole in hand.

Once on the water, my son took off to find his "own" water.  A truly seasoned fisherman who needed zero help from me.  I'm quite proud of him, even though I feel an occasional tinge of sadness that he doesn't want or need my assistance.  Luckily, my daughter still wants and needs my I have a couple of years before I truly start that 12 step program...  Anyway, there were two guys flyfishing on the opposite side of the pond so he broke out his fly rod and a popper.  (I think he was showing off a bit...but can't say for sure).  Both stopped and watched in awe for just a minute as the 10 year old was casting and working a popper better than most.

Once we had Beanie set up and a wet line, she hit the boards pretty quickly with a small bluegill. All smiles, and happy with her new (pink) fishing rod, she was all about fishing tonight.  It didn't hurt that she was the first of all of us to catch a fish, and more importantly; her brother hadn't even had a bite yet.  She made sure she showed him her catch.  3 times.

Never one to back away from a challenge issued by a younger and clearly arrogant sister who was experiencing "beginner's luck", he struck back with a smallish largemouth.

Shortly after that, he hooked and lost (after a wonderful jump) a VERY nice largemouth.  Everyone on the pond saw it happen, and he was bummed.  During the action, Bean hooked and landed another bluegill.  It was small, but it was a fish in hand at the same time her brother had lost a nice fish.  She offered him advice on how to land a fish by "not pulling so hard".


That one sent him back to the drawing board, mumbling incoherently and I suspect cursing wildly under his breath.  He was visibly pissed off and was fishing harder than I have ever seen him fish.

This went on for a while, and he started to feel smug because he had more fish to hand than she did.  I told them both we were about to head home, dinner was going to be late and it is a school night.  A few more casts were allowed, and then it happened.

While I was over by her brother, Bean managed to hook and land a nice largemouth.

He barely wanted to look at it, and kept on fishing.  He had gotten into a group of little bluegills and was yanking them out hand over fist~a man on a mission to prove how good of a fisherman he is.

Bean, seemed to know that she had pushed his buttons pretty hard and stopped fishing to go over and cheer him on.  I was glad to see a little camaraderie but was also aware that this may have been a touch passive aggressive on her part.  (It can be hard to tell with her sometimes...)

With that, we called it a good fishing trip for all, and at my insistance--we decided that even if we weren't the one who caught the biggest fish, that it was still good just to be out on the water.

Oh...and if you are in Wisconsin and going to be outside at all...check yourself and pets for ticks.  They seem to be out in record numbers.  Just ask Manny.

Yep.  It's all fun and games until the dog gets a tick on his pecker...

Til later,


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