Here's what's been happenin'

"I'm busy, man, too busy.  There's a lamentable absence of free time"  
-Juan Pablo Montoya

Why so long between posts?  It happens from time to time I guess. is a pictorial update of my last couple of weeks.  Enjoy.

Wife went away on business to NOLA.
Made me promise that if she brought home a voodoo doll (at my request) that I would neither name it, or stick pins in it...

Work has had it's challenges lately.... 
Tied up a couple more magic bugs and reorganized the nymph box
Sneak bought a GoPro Hero3 White

Dished the kids off on Grandma & Grandpa--went camping with Mrs. MacLoosh
Went to the MacLoosh Family Reunion 
More work fun...going to get a "jump to conclusions" mat for my office...

Mrs. MacLoosh found out about the GoPro camera...
My current status at the MacLoosh Mansion that it is out in the open...I've been working with the new camera. Lately I've been consumed with learning how to use it, and edit cool videos.

At this point, everything is still an experiment to see how the camera acts and how to use it best.

Here are a couple of my current favorite stills:

And finally, my first edited video (again...don't judge...I am still learning...)  

Click Here: The commute 

Til later, 


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