I'm easily distracted. Sorry.

It's been one hell of a good summer.

Although admittedly, I haven't fished as much as I had planned to.  Not fishing much makes it hard to genuinely consider myself a "flyfishing blogger".  To say I haven't fished as much as I wanted is not to say I haven't fished at all.  I've been out...when possible..   But with the lack of regular time on the water or pecking away at my computer, I am respectfully stepping back from any expectations that may be out there for this page.  

Uh...yeah, about that lack of activity from me on the page this summer: Sorry, I am easily distracted. But distractions notwithstanding, a big factor in my lack of posts was the loss of my prized fishing camera.

So you may remember a while back, my camera slipped out of my sling pack and into the water.  I was genuinely devastated.  I absolutely loved that camera, and trusted it to bring back memories of my outings.  It went everywhere with me, and never once failed to be ready, easy to use, and brought back good quality images.  

I did commandeer my wife's unused digital camera, but me and that camera just haven't found our chi together and I haven't taken nearly as many photographs-which have always been a mainstay of this page.

And then there is the GoPro.

I love it.  I am having some serious fun with it, and burning up gigabytes at a rate that I never knew was possible. However; it has limitations and isn't always as easy to grab on the fly (pun intended) to snap off a couple of quick pix.  The geek in me is currently enthralled with the learning curve of  making and editing decent videos.  In true MacLoosh fashion: I have sort of immersed myself in learning this new hobby, and unfortunately it has also taken away from my writing.

Also lending itself to not writing much has been the fact that the MacLoosh clan has been spending a lot of time up north in areas where there is neither internet connection, nor reliable cell phone (much less data) connection.  It has been good to unplug.  In fact, if I had my druthers I would move to a place in the woods where a data connection was neither needed nor particularly wanted. But that is a whole other post for another day. 

We are rapidly closing in on fall, and the annual travel slowdown that comes with getting back into school, soccer, gymnastics and all that...so my online activity should adjust accordingly.

Anyway, please don't hold my absence against me.  Cooler temps and the end of the inland trout season will soon force me back indoors and towards my keyboard.  

Til later,


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