ManCamp 13'

Each year in September, my boy and I sneak off in the camper for our annual "ManCamp".  We do dangerous things, eat poorly and fart whenever the hell we feel like it.  Oh...and there is that tradition...  It is both obscure and bizarre, and it doesn't even make complete sense to us.

Here's how it went down....

Traditions must be kept...

King of all he surveys. (That's a BIG knife for a little guy....)
Last trout of 2013 for MacLoosh

Is it even legal to not take a picture like this in the fall?

Boy with big knife catch little snake (and crossed an item off his bucket list)

Tradition complete
Eater Island refugee??  Or just macabre sculpture watching over Big Spring Creek?
Morning fog clearing from Blackhawk Lake
And finally...does this hot-dog make you uncomfortable?
It does me...but Hey. a roadside oddity is a roadside oddity...
Til later,


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