Out of the fog


While silent, it carries an infinite weight and settles in with absolute permanence.  Once seated, it stays as long as it wants and clears only when it is ready.  

Fog obscures.  It allows the eye to see only as far as the fog has determined that the eye should see.  It slows life to a crawl.  Because of fog, the things that normally move freely are bound to creep along for fear of not knowing exactly what lies beyond. 

Fog renders everything middle gray.  Nothing is allowed to be too bright, or too dark. No highs.  No lows.

Fog is oppressive.

So what happens when the fog begins to lift?  

Life returns to normal.  It is no longer in a state of muted suspension.  Motion is no longer stifled. Glimpses of horizon begin to come into view. Colors emerge in the distance and as the fog continues to dissipate, those colors become stunningly vibrant.  Light is allowed to shine in, and shadows are allowed to deepen. 

For better or worse; highs and lows are allowed to occur without obstruction.

Life begins to return to what it truly is, and not what the fog wanted it to be.

Til later, 


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