Hanging on...

Here is the deal.  Part of my fascination with the digital world is simply a function of being the type of person who always needs to something to work on...

But I have an ulterior motive:  I want NEED to keep my technological skills sharp because my kids will, inevitably, catch up and surpass everything that I know about computers and online life.  They will take off, and leave me hanging on for dear life as I try desperately to stay relevant. I'm comfortable with this.  As a parent, I want them to use every tool that is available to them to make a better life for themselves than their "out of touch" parents.  But much to my surprise...it is already happening.

My son, who is genuinely disgruntled about the fact that his mom and I haven't bought him a laptop yet (He is 10.  Sorry.  Not going there for a while...), took the family cell phone (a second hand flip phone) and shot a stop action video. Then he sweetened me up and convinced me into helping him out with some edits.

Technology or not...time with my boy is time well spent, so at his direction, I helped him move this video over to my computer, then helped make his vision come to life.  I was proud to be a part of the whole production.

Please take a look, and if so inclined: please leave a comment too.  I think he would appreciate the feedback.

Without further delay, I proudly present my son's first published video: "Gabes Yo Legos"

Til later,


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