Falling back

I changed the clocks this weekend.  Yep. That bi-annual ritual that goes along with changing the batteries in my smoke detectors.

I fell back.

The truth is, falling back actually starts somewhere around October 1st.  Not coincidentally, the Wisconsin Inland Trout season ends the day before.  Also not coincidental is the fact that I am already falling back into that off season haze that starts to ramp up this time of year.

Changing the clocks and detector batteries is just one of the signposts on the road to the winter crazies.  Before too long, I will have completely lost my mind, as I spend my time muttering incoherently and pouring myself another drinky drink drink.

Bring on the shorter days.  Bring on the fact that it is hunting season and walks along the creeks are limited to public trails where I don't need to worry about taking a 220 grain slug to the head.

And...bring on the fly tying.

Despite an incredibly busy and stressful October, I am, apparently off to a good start on filling the flybox's this year. My usual M.O. is to pick a pattern and stick with it until I have either run out of supplies, or (more likely) I get so goddamned sick of tying that pattern that I move on.

And such is the case with my hopper box.  It's full again (and then some).  I love fishing hoppers...but...holy hell! am I tired of tying foam...

So, what's next?  There are only about 50 patterns running through my mind (including the new school patterns and old standby's like the CDC Caddis).  With that, I could use some help: anyone have a new, killer pattern that is sooooo sexy even the big trout lose their usual inflated sense of self?

If you do, hit me up.  I'd love to have the pattern and a new obsession.

Til later,


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