HomeMakeOver: The Lab edition

Joining in on an organizational fit that has vexed Mrs. MacLoosh lately, I attacked and gave the Lab complete remodel.

Re-arranging the Lab really wasn't something that I thought NEEDED to be done.  I have actually been pretty happy with the set-up.

Rather, as I was giving part of the basement a thorough cleaning (Mrs. MacLoosh tackled the truly hard stuff last weekend, I was just capitalizing on her really good start...). Part of today's task meant that our old PC get dismantled and removed (since it nearly started on fire recently).  What was left was an extra desk in the basement.  Too big to store, too good to just get rid of.  So I have been looking at the basement since last weekend, trying to figure out exactly how to re-arrange.  The only logical option was to take out my home made fly tying bench, since it would be easy to take apart and store.   Once done, I went to work converting the old computer desk to my "new" personal work-space, aka: The Lab Part Deux.

Of course, I also managed to get the rest of the basement done and for a nice change of pace, I am currently in the good graces of Mrs. MacLoosh.  Hell...I think she might have even shaved her legs for me today (wink wink nudge nudge tickle tickle)

Uh...where was I??

Oh...yeah...the new Lab.  It has it's similarities to the old set up.  After all, I did mention that I wasn't particularly unsatisfied with what I had...

Out with the old...

In with the new.
And finally...an update on the dog.  His indiscretions with my streamers was just the start of a week that I am glad to have behind me.  And, while he HAS managed to stay out of my fly tying supplies...his run of poor behavior has continued in other ways. We're working on this....

I will readily admit, that as I was putting the new Lab together, I paused and was more than mildly distracted by the thought of rigging it up with some sort of electrical shock device (similar to an electric fence).  You know....just in case he forgets his manners again.

Til later,


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