Opening Weekend (or...another installment of the off season blues..)

Yeah.  I don't deer hunt.

Don't get me wrong, I take no issue with thinning the herd, love me some venison chili, stew and hot sticks when I can get them; but I grew up in a city and didn't really have anyone to teach me the art of deer hunting. I'm not complaining though.  I can't really afford (and Mrs. MacLoosh probably wouldn't tolerate) another expensive and time consuming hobby.

The above not withstanding, opening weekend of deer season still holds it's own tradition for me.  You see, without fail, every year I want to get out into the woods for a hike on opening morning so badly I can taste it. Call it a sickness...but it drives me absolutely batty to know I can't just get up and go out for a hike.  I guess you always want what you can't have..

And so I am left to other devices to keep me from getting into trouble.  Chores around the house keep me partially busy, but idle hands (and mind) can be tools of the devil.

Wrecking ball
A trip to the local home improvement store also yielded an impromptu stop at the neighboring Best Buy.  In an effort to avoid the GoPro camera display and my un-disciplined accessory purchasing boy and I ended up perusing CDs.  The end result was the unfortunate purchase of a Miley Cyrus CD.  It seems that both kids can agree on very little except the fact that "Wrecking Ball" as sung by Miss Miley is, in their (collective) opinion: the greatest song in the world.  And so...being the soft touch that I am, I bought it for them.  To be sure, this purchase runs directly contrary to my usual disdain of all performers with the last name of "Cyrus" but in a very rare opportunity, I made both kids happy in one fell swoop.  (And thankfully, the CD was half its normal price...)

Of course, Miley's bizarre behavior, wardrobe and even stranger choice of back drops for her video are enough to pique the interest of even the most serious of Cyrus haters.

At a minimum, a naked woman sitting on a wrecking ball will get my attention every time...what can I say?

Bird feeding
I rarely keep my bird feeders full in the summer. I figure if they can't find enough to eat when the growing season is here, then they were going to die anyway.  Winter time is another story.  I feel sorry for them.  I am also a closet bird watcher so I enjoy seeing some of the visitors that the feeders bring.  Probably my favorite is the Northern Flicker.  A cool little guy that I figure to be about as close to a brown trout as a bird can get.

Not my picture-don't give me credit
And of course the bird feeders bring other unwanted visitors.  Squirrels.  I can handle a couple of them, but lately we seem to be over-run and I think it is time to start thinning the pack.  I haven't decided on exactly how to do it, and of course I wouldn't THINK of breaking any local laws in the process...but the below video certainly gives my over-active imagination some fun ideas to tinker with.


Til later,


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