Scull Candy

Continuing on my streak in The Lab...I've been working up some big streamers lately.  I am not sick of tying them yet, but I am about out of Fish Sculls already.  

And I REALLY like these guys.

I suppose I can continue on making them with cone shaped beads, but I just don't think those would be quite as fun.

I suppose I could also just buy some more, but the truth is, in the world of fly tying supplies, these guys aren't inexpensive (and I AM cheap when it comes to tying materials, despite what Mrs. MacLoosh would tell you...).

So I guess I will just wait patiently, maybe work up a few more variations with the cones, then fish them hard when I finally get the opportunity (...approximately 4 months from now when the 14' trout season opens).  If one mix of materials or colors works better than another, then I will invest in more Fish Sculls and build an army of them.

To be sure, this is a crappy way to figure out if a pattern is good or not, but for now it is all I've got.

Til later,


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