Hung up


I'm trying.  I REALLY am.  But the truth is I just don't get it.

Not my picture, don't give me credit.
I know, I know, I've heard it from the shops, read about it online and in the Drake Magazine, etc. I have even watched countless videos like "Off The Grid" where the latest in technology mixes heavily with edgy film makers and creates an aura that makes carp fishing look incredibly glamorous.  Right here in the Midwest.

"Once you try it, you will love it"
"The tug is the drug"
"It's like bone fishing except you don't need to travel to Belize"
"Carp are incredibly difficult to catch, your presentation has to be spot on"
"Once a carp takes the fly, better hold on because its about to break loose"

...and the chorus goes on.

So here I sit.  Trying to shed the stigma that I apparently have stuck in my head and frankly, unable to do it. If it is THAT good, I want in on it.  Period.  Especially since it can be done just about everywhere around me.

But...I grew up on the Mississippi River where catching gar and the occasional carp amounted to a monumental failure to catch whatever game fish we were actually after.  When you did see carp cruising, it was typically in the stagnant back water that was also filled with leaches and algae that was so thick that the "Old English" 40oz bottle isn't as much floating as it is resting on silt so deep that you would get inextricably stuck if you stepped in on accident, much less chasing a fish that you didn't want to catch in the first place...

('s that for a run on sentence????)

Poor grammar aside, I am trying my friends.  But struggling.

Maybe this summer will be the time when I actually catch that carp on a fly rod?  Don't know, but as it is single digit temperatures with wind-chills well below zero here in the UnForest today, even carp offer an acceptable level of escape via daydreams.

Til later,


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