Bad Hooks and Angry Snakes

Sometimes, the temptation to cut corners is just too great.

Case in point: I spent a lot of time this winter tying streamers.  Instead of buying streamer hooks, I used donated bait-fishing hooks that seemed to be roughly the right size.  I have also spent most of my early season stripping those streamers through waters that should bring good fish.

The fish were there and responded appropriately.

So working off of several long distance releases (LDR's) of good fish, it occurs to me that the colors, patterns and presentation are all drawing strikes, but something is keeping those fish from making it to my net.  Despite my Illinois public school education, even I can figure out that it is most likely that final link between me and the fish: the hook.

A quick stop at Orvis yesterday on the way home from a full day of missing fish, and I am ready to spend some time in the lab re-working my entire streamer collection with the right hooks.

In the mean time, after a fella has missed as many fish as I have, it should be understandable that my attention turned to tormenting the only animal on the stream that is more angry than me.  Enjoy.  I did.

Til later,


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