Mid Summer Update

I am proud to tell you that I have been living up to my own standards lately.  I have unplugged to an extent that I can live with (which is to say I am not 100% internet free...but my activity is greatly reduced).

In doing so, I have also been tackling my son's growing addiction to all things electronic and "connected".  It isn't coming easy.  He is still tied to his video games and tablet in ways that really bother me, but the simple truth is this:  He is still young enough for me to exert my influence whether he likes it or not so there have been some fairly severe battles.  My wife is completely on board with this, so we have been spending an absurd amount of time outside as a family...Call it an intervention.

It has been nothing short of wonderful.

As a direct result of all of the above...I have not been writing at all.  I'm OK with that.  I am still working through some ideas for the future of this page, and besides-winter will come soon enough and there will be plenty of time to write then.

For the time being, here are some of our summer highlights so far.

A week at a cabin like this will d wonders for a man's soul.

That's right.  A giant transformer.  Right in the middle of Wisconsin.
The Mecan River.  These waters haunt me.
A little bit of driftless magic from one of those times where I fled civilization before someone got hurt.
(This fish was NOT caught on the Mecan)
Trout the size of dolphins.  State fish hatchery, Wild Rose Wisconsin.
I even rode some singletrack for the first time with my boy
(after YEARS of neglecting my Mountain Bike)
Proud dad posing with 2 of 3 of his favorite hiking partners (Mrs. MacLoosh took the picture)
An important milestone for the boy.  First solo night in a tent.
The baying coyotes, raccoon(s) the size of black bears and complete lack of WiFi didn't even deter him.
Til later,


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