The golden rule

In another installment of "How to win friends and influence others", hold on tight...I'm bound to shake the tree with this one. Some of you might even choose to stop reading my blog. To that, I smile, crack a beer and gleefully say: Good fucking riddance.

You can't fake good kids, right?
I look at my two kids and literally swell with pride.  They are great kids who are turning into thoughtful, caring adults. The world is lucky to have these two in the game.
What's more, I get compliments on them all the time. Good friends, trusted advisors, and respected peers have all made the comment to me that "you can't fake good kids".  Hell, some of these people even ask me how my wife and I do it? How did we pull it off? In a world full of hate, how are we raising such good kids?
After a sincere "thank you", I generally chalk it off to my wife and I just requiring them to have good old fashioned manners and treat others with respect. We are teaching them to conduct themselves with integrity.   It's really pretty simple.
Which brings me to the point of this post...  Good people behaving like pricks.
Here is the deal:
Some (unfortunately several) of those same people who nod thier heads in complete agreement about requiring respectful behavior and manners from my kids have turned out to be complete assholes themselves. In a world that is already dark, dangerous and unforgiving, so many people just can't find the decency to be nice to each other or accept thier differences. Many of those same people are also apparently incapable of recognizing this failure in themselves.
Yeah yeah, I'm being a little bit vague...sorry. Let me narrow it down to what really has me rattled:
Politics.  (Ooh...Wow...Now there is a way to get people's attention these days) Politics are on my mind, but not in the usual sense.
Relax, I am not going to push my agenda on you.  In fact, I don't even have a political agenda so I am going to do the opposite.  I am going to respect you and your right to your political beliefs, especially if they are different than mine.  Hell, I will probably even do some reading to learn about why you are so adamant about your cause.
Unfortunately, I have fading hope that some of you will afford the the same level of respect and candor to me.
Differences of opinion about the way things should get done are not only expected, they are literally the foundation that our country was built on.  However...Some of you have gone so far to the right or left that you have lost yourselves. In doing so, you have crossed into the land of believing that "your" way, or "your" candidate is the only right answer. 
Well, congratulations. You have alienated those who used to admire and respect you. You have alienated ME. And for the life of me, I can't figure out why anyone would hide behind a computer or smartphone screen and act like complete jerk over political figures or election results? It makes no sense.
Some of you need to know this: In your efforts to be absolutely "right",  you aren't even acting in accordance with the moral standards you claim to hold so dear.
Integrity is everything my friend. Integrity.Is.Everything.
So what am I doing about it other than bitching online? 
First and foremost, if I act differently or distant to you, it might be that I am simply offering the same level of disdain for you as you have done to me by constantly pushing your unwanted agenda. You've probably heard the golden rule many many times: do onto others as you would have done to you.
Second: As I continue to try and raise my kids kids to be good people; I am going to use you (by name) as an example of how NOT to treat others.  When someone compliments them in the future on how nice or well behaved they are: you, my politically motivated friend, will have provided a fine example of intolerance.
And finally, while I recognize that it will be detrimental to this blog's readership; I've backed way off my social media presence.  Specifically, Facebook used to be a fun distraction and way to keep up with distant friends and family. Now it has turned into a megaphone for those who don't have enough integrity to stand firm in thier convictions without spewing misinformation and hate, and I'm done with that.
To wrap this up...If you are wondering if any of this was about you?  Thank you for having enough humility to recognize it. If you have posted ANYTHING political online or served up a lecture on how right you or your candidate/elected official or political party are, but are certain that this post is NOT about you--go ahead and click "delete", and "unfriend" me now.

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